The Owls Are Not What They Seem…Again

by Paul LeDuc Pretzer


For a select group of people milling about out there in the world, albeit a population that has seemed to steadily grow in numbers over the years, October couldn’t have started with any better news than to find out “that gum we used to like is coming back in style.”

This quote, tweeted out simultaneously by Mark Frost and David Lynch, was music to the ears of Twin Peaks fans everywhere. And since those original tweets on October 3rd, news has been coming in steadily, not only confirming the shows return but a date and location as well. Fans can expect coffee, pie, and owls in their favorite creepy town by sometime in 2016 on Showtime.

The news that the show was picked up by Showtime is of great importance. The production quality and freedom that a Showtime offers will allow Lynch and Frost to make a version of the show that is not beholden to advertisers, major broadcast networks suits, and intellectually stunted audiences, all nagging obstacles during the first run of the series. Fans saw the results of these commercial shackles being removed for the making of Fire, Walk With Me, which had a decidedly darker feel, sans the campy soap opera filler and James Hurley type story lines that muddied the greatness of the series.

There isn’t much word on the direction the show will take, although most people affiliated with the series say it will not be a remake or reboot. Lynch has said before that Twin Peaks, the place, still exists, even though we may not be paying attention anymore, and that the story always continues. This can only lead fans to believe that we will have new story lines and/or fresh takes on old threads. And let’s face it, as long as James Hurley doesn’t make an appearance, how can it be bad?