CD Review Real Friends Put Yourself Back Together

by Adam Aldridge


Tinley Park based Real Friends released their third EP, on June 4, entitled Put Yourself Back Together. The release features a lot of pop-punk drum beats, melodic chords, and of course, songs about bad friends and missing and ex girlfriends. 

When you first open the CD, it’s packaged in a cardboard sleeve with a vintage looking (or it just has an Instagram filter on it) photo of a bunch of crap on the ground. Looks interesting enough, follows the same look as their last two releases, so it only makes sense. The actual music, though, was less than satisfying for a hungry fan base.

In all the songs, the guitars sort of blend together leaving the listener wondering if they even changed the chords from song to song. A lot of melodic picking is going on in the top layer of the songs to sort of mask the chords. Some of the songs even sound exactly the same as their previous release, Everyone That Dragged You Here, which was by far a much better CD. All the music is basically the same tempo, which puts the listener in a state that becomes almost hypnotic or trance-like by about tracks five or six.

Moving on to the lyrics, they sound forced, as if the lyrics don’t actually fit the music, but he crams them in there anyway. The actual words themselves sound as if he is trying too hard, dropping band names like Jimmy Eat World, stuff about not being able to find home, and not to mention every song has either the lines “sleepy eyes”, “boney knees”, or in some cases “sleepy eyes and boney knees” in some repetitive fashion. This gives me the impression they are trying to sell some sort of weird, indie, pop punk gimmick, or image, or trend, which is sad to see a band resort to that kind of thing in order to gain a wider fan base.

All in all, the release gets a two out of five in my book. Technically a one out of seven, seeing as only one song out of the seven really caught my attention. Maybe you will like it more than I did. If you do, catch the group out on select Warped Dates, their own tours, and local shows. The EP is available on their online store, iTunes, and Bandcamp.